Orthodontics is becoming ever more significant in modern dental medicine, as a special field of dentistry.

The objective of this field is the functional and esthetic adjustment of the malpositioned teeth and jaw caused by aberration or illnesses. Formerly this process was quite time-consuming, carried out with the help of removable braces. Today almost exclusively fixed braces are used, except for orthodontic treatments, which are accomplished through the use of clear aligners such as Invisalign. The orthodontic treatment is not painful at all.

Orthodontics has an increasingly important role in modern dentistry.

For orthodontic treatment of teeth in their formative years using periodontology, implantology, as well as in esthetic dentistry, braces must be used as the only orthodontic appliances that allow the complete repositioning of the teeth.

In contrary to the widespread view, the age of the patient is not a barrier to orthodontic treatment (e.g. braces). Treatments can be carried out in any age.

Many patients are scared off by ugly metal braces in their mouth but we can assure you that nowadays with the use of tooth-colored brackets, the braces can be made less conspicuous. Our orthodontic team is supported by university head physician Dr. András Kocsis as our guest physician.