Oral surgery

Patients come directly to our clinic for oral surgeries

With Dr. Dr. Ákos Fehér's 23 years of experience our team offers the full range of possible surgeries in oral cavity.

  • The removal of impacted and retained wisdom teeth,
  • Root amputation,
  • Different types of soft tissue plastic surgeries,
  • Bone excrescence,
  • Pre-prosthetic surgeries,
  • Maxillary surgeries,
  • Periodontal surgeries,
  • Dental implant surgeries.

This extensive experience of our maxillofacial and oral surgeons is available especially in the field of implantology. The knowledge and experience of our surgeons is indispensable for bone grafting and for dental implant surgeries.

Patients come directly to our clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgeries, in which cases the professional knowledge and experience of an ordinarily practicing dentist or implantologist is insufficient.