Esthetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is one of the essential elements of an attractive appearance. 

Esthetic dentistry is probably the most recent field of dentistry. Many people do not know that we not only provide fillings, treat root canals or insert implants, but we can also create beautiful smiles. Of course, healthy teeth are of high importance, but we put the same emphasis on their appearance. It helps to improve self-confidence and wellbeing. The most important element of good looks is an attractive face. A beautiful smile is crucial to make a good impression on others.

In our clinic there is a high esthetic approach to each field of activity, such as implantology, orthodontics, periodontology and prosthodontics. 

Zirconium oxide- Zirconium Crowns

These crowns are 100% metal free, extremely resistent. Moreover, they are biocompatible and non-allergic. Their material is light and has excellent mechanic and aesthetic qualities.

All-ceramic Crowns

Their advantage to traditional crowns is that they let the light through just as a real tooth. Light penetrates through the crown inside the tooth and back. (In case of metal-ceramic crowns light reflects on a metal end cap which is covered with an opaque substance. Thanks to this effect of light they are the most natural and beautiful crowns. Our technicians use ceramic materials from companies such as Ivoclar-Vivadent (IPS e.max) and Creation (Feldspat).

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Primum non nocere (Greek) – According to this ancient proverb, during their helping efforts, the should always keep it in mind to heal with as little harm as possible. This theory is applied in dental practice most extensively in the use of veneers. They are thin as hair ceramic shells. The tooth is made ready for the treatment with a slight preparation, during which you can count with about 28% tooth substance loss, contrary to the crowns when this percentage may be more than 70%. After the precise dental impression, a dental technician makes ceramic veneers (only 0.5-0.9 mm) and the dentist fixes these with a special adhesive method to the tooth surface. We can make „non prep veneers” more and more frequently, in case of which it is not necessary to prepare the teeth at all.

Our motto is to achieve the best aesthetic results with the most minimal tooth substance loss.