Invisalign is a new method of treatment in orthodontics, using thin, transparent aligner trays. A removable, custom-made and virtually invisible series of aligners are created for you and only you, so it can conform to every situation in your daily life.

Formerly, Invisalign could be used only for smaller corrections but currently its fields of application are expanding. There are no metal brackets to attach, no wires to tighten and no irritations in the mouth. Most people do not even notice that you are straightening your teeth – all this offered to you by Invisalign.

The best quality and safety of Invisalign are guaranteed, as all aligners are exclusively made in the USA. International dentists get the aligners custom-made in a North American institution.

A virtual 3-D treatment plan shows the exact movements of your teeth during the treatment, so with this virtual representation you are even able to see in advance how your teeth will look like at the end of the treatment. When it comes to braces, it is the most quickly improving field of dentistry.