Europerio 7

Our dental team has attended Europerio 7, the world’s leading conference in Periodontology and Implantology. The knowledge gained during the conference can be summed up in the following way: modern dentistry is moving towards a holistic direction. Last year’s researches has shown that periodontitis and also inflammations around the implants (periimplantitis) are in close connection with the general condition of the human body. Stressful, obese and depressed people are more frequently diagnosed with oral diseases. Through making changes in your lifestyle, you take big steps towards the preventing or curing already existing diseases, as the efficiency of treatments grows.

Several researches prove that healthy nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of periodontosis.

The antibacterial mouthwashes that are still used frequently, will be part of the past soon. Promising researches have been made hoping that former products with probiotics can be replaced soon.